We know medical – STAT Courier Services

We know medical – STAT Courier Services

STAT Courier Services, Dallas, Texas

We know medical – STAT Courier Services

Medical specimens must get to the lab for tests immediately. If specimens do not arrive in time, the specimen will deteriorate and will not yield an accurate result. A medical courier collects blood, urine and other specimens and takes them to the lab in time for accurate test results. Start your career as a medical courier today.

We are the preferred medical courier service for top hospitals you rely on. We are experts at transporting medical supplies, specimens, and samples between medical facilities, clinical laboratories, doctors’ offices, pharmacies  and blood banks in Texas and beyond.

“If you want great customer service and know your products will be delivered on time, this is the company to use.” – Tony Hutton, Customer

STAT Courier ServiceSTAT Courier Service Dallas specialty is servicing the medical industry.  From servicing all major Labs to entire hospital systems, our veteran management and driver team…

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