Private Courier Service – Texas and Oklahoma

Private Courier Service – Hand Held, Personal & Confidential Delivery 

STAT Courier is a company specializing in hand-held, personal delivery of private documents or packages that must be accompanied by a secure and trusted individual.

STAT specializes in delivering your documents, packages or medical needs to your recipient in Texas and Oklahoma and we do it by hand, securely, safe and confidential! 

This is not Fed-Ex, UPS or some other big business service. We are a small business with big business technology. 

We specialize in delivering time-sensitive materials to the medical industry but can help any business in need of on-time delivery. STAT offers state of the art technology, signature capture, real-time tracking, and as fast as 1 hour delivery.

STAT Courier Service cares for all major labs to entire hospital systems. Our veteran management and driver teams are experts in picking up and delivering time-sensitive specimens and medical equipment that are crucial to the diagnosis of a loved one.

Execution at STAT Courier Service is defined as adhering to the customer’s critical and time-sensitive delivery needs. We understand the voice of the customer and work extremely hard to meet and exceed their expectations. 

Call Now: 972-479-9260972-479-9260

STAT Courier Service is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, but also serves Austin, TX; San Antonio, TX; Houston, TX; Lubbock, TX; as well as, Oklahoma City, OK; and Tulsa, OK.

Our private courier service is not for everyone.  It’s for the person or business that needs absolute guarantee of a safe and secure delivery by a reliable and trusted person.

STAT Courier Service is a Texas- and Oklahoma-based private courier company providing confidential, quality and on-time delivery services.

STAT Courier
Dallas, TX, United States

Courier Service Technology

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