3 Steps to Choosing a Reliable Courier Service

3 Steps to Choosing a Reliable Courier Service

A great courier management system is innovative, keeps real-time communications, has superior customer service and provides tracking documentation. These major items afford you the peace of mind throughout the entire experience and allow you and your business to focus on other areas of your business.

So those aren’t new – but a good reminder.

Here are 3 things you may not have thought about when choosing a reliable courier service:

1. Assess your shipping and delivery needs and communicate what matters most to you – that is how you will be serviced best!

2. Discuss volume pricing discounts. Depending on the amount of shipping you do, some couriers may be willing to offer a discount off their standard rates in exchange for a commitment to use them as vendors of choice for a specified period of time. Over time, this could save a considerable amount of money on shipping costs.

3. Bigger is not always better when it comes to reliability! The smaller courier services provide all of your logistical needs with one company.

STAT Courier Service can help clients with their medical, legal, contracts, engineering drawings, personal and out-of-the ordinary deliveries and more. We understand the nuances in the various types of deliveries and provide extensive training to our drivers.

To complement our speedy delivery, we also use state of the art technology that makes STAT the best choice for your courier services! All drivers are equipped with the latest technology to reduce risk, increase reliability, and maximize efficiency.

STAT Courier Service is committed to improving its services through technology and process improvement. With a state-of-the-art dispatch system, and continuous modifications and improvements to its procedures, STAT provides the best service in the industry!

STAT Courier Service

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