Courier Services vs. Traditional Mail

A courier service is a specialized delivery service for documents and sensitive material. Courier services differ from regular mail services because of the services they provide security, tracking, and proof of delivery. They also provide speed and confidentiality as well as reliability that sensitive material is being delivered.

STAT Courier Service is based in Dallas and serves all of Northern Texas. They specialize in integrating the best technology to provide the best service. The biggest market they serve – one of the most important – is servicing the medical industry from labs to entire hospital systems.

STAT courier services legal documents, contracts, engineering drawings, personal documents and more. They also provide a wide range of technologies to make your experience with STAT convenient and secure. Some of those technologies include:

  • Online tracking
  • Electronic invoice
  • Signature capture
  • GPS monitored service
  • Email notifications for any part of the service cycle
  • And more

Remember: The main disadvantage of snail mail is the speed at which it gets to the person. It can also get lost in the post and be subject to other delays. The cost of snail mail is another thing and the amount of time it takes if you want to send multiple letters.

Courier services provide a different experience than traditional mail services provide.

STAT Courier provides 24/7 service with many security features to ensure you are being provided with the best service, with the best technology and the best customer service.

For more information, please visit:

Courier Service Technology

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